• Building Resilience To Cope With Workplace Stress

Patricia Morgan is the author of a book for women, titled “From Woe To Wow” that offers some common sense advice on ways of coping with work stress. In this short clip, she discusses three strategies ….

  1. Take care of your body – listen to the small whispers that signal you may need to unwind
  2. Edit your self-talk  – don’t allow stressful thinking to bring you down. Catch yourself if harmful thoughts such as “I’m so stupid”  try to take hold
  3. Lighten up – yes, take work seriously, but not so much yourself. And remember to smile and find an excuse to laugh occasionally!
  • Coping With Stress

We are working in an era that is unrivalled in terms of the pace of change affecting  our lives. The global financial crisis, technological developments, legislative changes, retrenchments and restructures …….. change brings uncertainty, and uncertainty can bring stress. To retain a sense of inner well-being, we all need to develop our own stress management strategies.

Furthermore, surveys reveal that many people in the workforce report that they are not happy in their job ……and such job dissatisfaction in turn affects their stress levels, and diminishes their well-being.

  • How To Be Happy At Work

I came across this YouTube video recently, that offers some helpful advice on how to be happy at work. Some thought-provoking tips include ……

  1. Understand whether you are motivated by money, learning, helping others or harmony in your working relationships;
  2. Communicate more effectively by being aware and observing the behaviour of others and identify whether they are extroverted / introverted and task / relationship oriented;
  3. Try and do more of the type of tasks that you enjoy – do you prefer routine tasks, problem-solving tasks or forward planning types of tasks?

Even though he’s plugging his book , I still think the tips are useful. Anyhow, see what you think …

  • Learning To Relax and Find Inner Calm

If you are wanting to relax mind, body and spirit, then here is a six minute video combining soothing music with peaceful imagery. Remember slow, deep calming breaths as you sit back in your chair and let yourself drift away ……

  • Stress Is Both Physical and Mental

This is a nice, brief video clip that offers a simple description of the nature of stress, and explains that stress is the body’s “fight-flight” reaction to a perceived threat. In other words, we will becomes stressed if we feel that we are not capable and do not have the resources to meet the demands of a given situation.

And of course, our perceptions may be quite mistaken sometimes – and consequently our stress may be unnecessary! We therefore need to learn to regularly challenge and question the accuracy of much of our self-talk when we are becoming uncomfortably stressed.  For example, if we are actually under-estimating our resources, then perhaps we do not need to feel so threatened.

  • Developing Resilience

An informative short video clip in which psychologist, Dr Sandra Parker, explains the nature of resilience as the ability to bounce back quickly when life throws a curve ball at you.  Yes, we will inevitably encounter stressors in life – problems and difficulties that are external to us and which we may not be able to control. Our experience of stress however, is internal to us, and these physical, mental and emotional reactions are something that is within our control.

Developing resilience will mean that I have an inner confidence and belief in my resources, that I can adapt to any of the “stuff” that happens – and that stress need not interfere with my ability to enjoy happiness and peace in my life .

  • Stress Management Training Courses

If you are based in Australia, and seeking corporate training in stress management for your staff – then visit our Performance Development website and see a description of our Stress Management Course

  • Never Give Up – Inspiration

This is a lovely inspirational song from Yolanda Adams, called “Never Give Up”. When we have allowed stress to accumulate, it is so easy for discouragement and even depression to start taking hold …….. Re-discovering our inner courage, hope and spirit of perseverance are some of the themes in her song. I hope you enjoy it …..

  • Stress Relief – some more tips

In this short clip, a lifestyle coach offers some simple suggestions for coping when you are beginning to feel “overwhelmed”

  • Techniques to De-Stress
  • Deepak Chopra : A Meditation on Gratitude

DC is of course one of the leading figures in the world in the field of personal development and spiritual growth. In this short clip, he guides us through a calming meditation on the theme of gratitude.

  • Cognitive Behaviour Stress Refuction

This is not a short clip – it provides a much more theoretical and elaborate explanation of the dynamics of stress. It features a seminar presented by an Associate Professor of Psychology, who describes several theoretical frameworks for those of you who may perhaps be interested in gaining a deeper level of understanding of stress and how to use mental (cognitive) techniques to increase the choices available to you in how to respond to situations you find threatening – and therefore stressful ……