Beating Depression

  • Depression In Our Community – people share their stories

Depression is more common in the community than what we might imagine. Some research suggests that up to one in every five people will experience some level of depression in their lifetime.

Most of us have bad days now and then, when we feel down with  “the blues”  but next day, are feeling more positive again  ….. However, people who are suffering with depression tend to be characterised by prolonged periods of feeling “down and hopeless”

The following five clips explore the nature of depression and some drug-free methods of dealing with and overcoming depression.

The first short clip features Spike Milligan, the famous British comedian, who shares some of his experiences with depression.

  • Learning To Monitor and Control Depressing Thoughts

This second clip explains the method of monitoring and learning to control negative thoughts that contribute to depression

  • Some Other Methods For Dealing With Depression
  • Be Hopeful – Be Willing To Seek Professional Help