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    Live in the PRESENT

  • “f You Fall, Get Back Up Again”- An inspiring message

I found watching this short clip was a humbling experience ……. Nick is a guy who was born with no arms or legs, and yet radiates an inner joyfulness and clarity of purpose that so many of us continue to search for.

In this clip, he shares with young people his simple philosophy of the importance of courage, perseverance and hope. You look at Nick, and we can only imagine some of the hurdles and adversity that he must have battled to overcome in his life ……. it sort of helps to put things in perspective. Nick’s a guy who has basically just the smallest trunk of a physical body, and yet the enormous spirit of a gladiator.

For those of us who continue to struggle in our personal development or with our stress management, and our search to be the best that we can be, Nick serves as a true inspiration. His message from the heart is that it’s not whether you fail that counts, but instead how you finish …..

  • Banishing The Demons of Self-Doubt

Most of us experience occasional dark days or find ourselves in dark places at times.

We despair that nothing seems to be going quite right, or perhaps are feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty and anxiety of waves of change buffeting through our life.

Sometimes what can help is being reminded that there is always cause for hope, and to have faith that we have tremendous capabilities laying dormant within us – including the power of of our mind.  When we learn to control our thinking and believe in our abilities, we can re-discover that inner sense of confidence to go out and start changing our life circumstances.

Another useful strategy I have found that helps get me out of those dark places is by taking control of my PERSPECTIVE. Instead of focusing my attention on what is going wrong, or what is missing – I focus my attention upon what is working and what is improving. Then I remind myself of what my goals are, AND why they are important …… so as to regain a sense of direction and purpose.

I was searching for an video on YouTube along these lines, and came across the following. If there is doubt or despair trying to creep into your life and discourage you from the pursuit of your goals, then the video might offer some useful tips that can rejuvenate your self-confidence by reminding you to recall your succcesses  ……  Jack Canfield (author of”Chicken Soup For The Soul”  series of inspirational books) offers some good advice on the need to control what our mind dwells upon …..

  • Hang in there – Things can turn-around 

Another inspirational video, this one on the theme of persistence, risk-taking and being willing to face your fear. It reminds us of some famous achievers, who tasted failure and suffered disappointment, but who persevered and did not allow the negativity or discouragement of other people to stand in their way …….

  • Our Deepest Fear

A short uplifting scene from the movie “Coach Carter” (played by Samuel Jackson), in which one of the players from his basketball team recites the poem made famous by Nelson Mandela,  “Our Deepest Fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure …” , to help demonstrate his deep appreciation for the leadership and inspiration that the coach has offered to him (the coach had just been sacked).

A moving scene, and one which many of us who aspire to make a positive difference would envy – for what higher compliment could someone ever offer to you, than to say “You saved my life!”

  • Inspiration : Follow your heart and be great!

This is a lovely short inspitational clip, challenging us to live to our full potential, to harness the creative forces that lay dormant within us and to have the courage to whole-heartedly follow our dreams.  And yet maintaining a sense of balance in our life, by being true to our core values along the way. Hope you enjoy it …..

  • Unblocking Yourself For Success

If we’re reflecting upon ideas and techniques to help us with our self-motivation, then how could we ever overlook Anthony Robbins. In this clip, he speaks about the need to flush out inner conflicts that may be blocking our pathway o success and fullfilment …..

  • Chicken Soup For The Soul

Here is another inspirational clip, but featuring a different type of situation. Jack Canfield tells a true story of  a young boy who wanted to buy a puppy.

For many more uplifting video clips, stories and quotes, see Inspiration Thank you for visiting us here.