Management Skills

If you are in a position of leadership, with staff accountable to you – and you are seeking to improve your management skills and get the best out of your people ……then you will find some useful tips here.

  • Giving Constructive Feedback

This short video clip offers a simple four-step technique for delivering constructive feedback in the workplace. This is an area where many managers struggle  because they prefer to avoid conflict, so the technique should prove useful.

  • Boost Morale With The Carrot Principle  

I came across this YouTube vdeo and thought it offered some concise reminders for managers about the very real and yet often under-used power of recognition and appreciation in the workplace.

For those of you have undertaken any type of management training in the past, you will likely be familiar with many of the ideas  – but the video never-the-less offers an entertaining reminder of crucial management skills ……for example, feedback needs to be specific, timely and frequent.

Although you might “know” this stuff, ask yourself to what extent you are actually applying it with your teams. In fact, why not go a step further – why not ask some of your staff whether they feel they are receiving the recognition they deserve?

Bye for now ….

  • Management Training

If you or your organisation are looking for management skills training, then visit Management Courses at the Performance Development website, where you will find various course outlines to choose from.

  • Reap The Rewards of Effective Delegation

We all know that delegation is a crucial management skill and that when it is done well it can offer significant benefits to both the manager and the delegatee. And yet there are many managers who are very hesitant about delegation.

What causes such reluctance to delegate? ….. Sometimes it is a lack of trust in the employee,  sometimes the manager may have a view that that it is quicker to just “do it myself” ……. and sometimes it is not knowing how to delegate.

Well I have found a short YouTube video that illustrates some of the key steps for effective delegation – and even though it is plugging their product, the video never-the-less offers some very useful steps for managers wanting to improve their delegation skills , including ….

  1. Select the right task and prepare by clarifying the outcome you require, and the skills needed to complete the task
  2. Select the right person for the task, assessing staff against both the skill set requirements and their likely interest
  3. Assign the task, explaining it clearly to your staff-member and discussing any concerns they may have
  4. Inform other stakeholders about the delegation, and the authority the employee now has for this task
  5. Follow-up progress of task along the way, offering some feedback and guidance if necessary
  6. Review upon completion of task and ensure you offer your employee any recognition that is deserved

Hope you enjoy it ….

  • Time Management Skills : The 80 / 20 rule

In this short clip, the highly respected author and speaker Brian Tracy offers some sage adive on how to achieve greater productivity through a proven approach to prioritising your activities.  A useful reminder for any manager who can sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the tasks that are demanding attention ….

  • Leadership and Remaining Open To A Better Idea

One more quick thought on leadership. Some people say that one of the differences between management and leadership, is that the manager tends to focus upon maintaining an efficient status quo, whereas the leader is someone who promotes a spirit of learning, discovery and therefore innovation.

 The wise leader is also a learner, accepting that there will always be someone who can come up with a better idea of doing things,  and who therefore never misses the opportunity to take full advantahe of the insight and experience of others. 

And yet too oftenI have  found that one common sign of an insecure leader, is someone who is threatened by the prospect that others may have a better idea. So in closing, let me leave you with this question ……When was the last time you asked for ideas and suggestions from your staff – and admitted that they had an idea that was better than yours?