Job Interview Tips

  • Handling The Job Interview

This is a short clip in which a very experienced employment consultant offers many useful tips on how to prepare for and confidently present yourself at the job interview. One of the suggestions she makes is to turn the interview into a conversation by asking some questions yourself occasionally ……… whether it be questions of clarification, or asking once you have completed your answer to their question, “Is that what you were looking for?”, or perhaps “How does that compare to how you do things here?”. Taking the initiative to seek some feedback on your responses can help to project confidence on your part and also may give you the edge you need to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

  • Preparing For The Job Interview – yes care, but not too much!

For more than twenty years I have worked actively in the areas of both assisting organisations to improve their recruitment and selection practices – but also on the other side of the table, assisting people to market themselves effectively to potential employers.

As I sit at my desk this evening writing this article, I am reflecting upon one particular client with whom I am currently working on with some job interview coaching.

He is a senior solicitor with a federal government agency and he is seeking a career change. He is highly motivated and with the high level communication skills that you would expect from a lawyer. He has an impressive background working in a variety of quite senior roles within the government over many years.

Why does he seek coaching then? Well as it turns out he has never actually had to “put himself out there” for a job ……. mostly, for the past fifteen yeats he has been in the enviable position of being the one who is sought after! So it is new and foreign territory for him to have to “sell himself” at a job interview and in particular, to show that many of his considerable skills are transferrable across fields.

As impressive as many of his past achievements may have been, the reality for him now is that he is chasing a job that he desperately wants, and that he feels will re-ignite the passion within. He has succeeded in winning an interview.

However for the first time, he feels some of the nerves and anxiety that most of the rest of us have felt when preparing for the “dream job”.

So, how have I been helping?

One obvious strategy has been anticipating likely interview questions and rehearsing responses. But as in any sales process, also anticipating likely objections and thinking about how to counter such concerns.

Another strategy to help ease some of the nerves, in addition to being as well prepared as possible, is to “care, but not too much”  What does that mean?

One thing that I have learned about stress is that pressure will be triggered when we feel we “absolutely must” gain a certain outcome from a situation. There is a lot less pressure if we feel “we would like to have” a particular outcome.

For example, when I’m stuck in traffic and travelling home after work and start thinking “I’ve GOT to be home by 7.00 pm” – I’ll get a lot more stressed than when I think “I’d like to get home by 7.00 pm”.

I’ve found that it’s a lot easier and less stressful to avoid any feeling that your happiness and satisfaction depends upon one single outcome having to be achieved.

So my advice to my client in preparing for his forthcoming job interview is that it’s fine to want this job, to set it as a goal for himself, and to positively affirm to himself that he will capablu and confident when presenting himself at the interview ….

BUT, to equally accept that the outcome is beyond his control; it is only his own effort, his preparation and his self-belief that he can control. Also, to recognise that there will always be other opportunities – to have faith, if this doesn’t work out, it will be a stepping stone for getting him to that place where his heart will sing again.

I remember reading somewhere that Buddha taught the benefits of not getting too attached – although I suspect he probably wasn’t thinking about the job interview, was he? 

  • Job Interview Preparation Coaching

If  you are from Melbourne, Australia and are seeking some coaching guidance in preparing for a forthcoming job interview, why not take a look at my webpage Preparing For The Job Interview. 

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  • Answering the Inrweview Question  “Tell us a bit about yourself….”

One of the most common ways interviewers commence the job interview is by asking candidates the general question “Tell us a bit about yourself”.

The speaker in this clip reminds us that in answering this question, we need to focus upon summarising the highlights of our past work and life experiece that are relevant to the current role. It is not the time to go into too much detail …… instead we are trying to capture early interest.