Resolving Conflict

  • Dealing Constructively With Conflict

Some surveys suggest that up to one-third of a manager’s time is spent in having to deal with some type of conflict siutation or the need to resolve disagreement.

Therefore it is worth reflecting on what are some of the key steps to co-operative conflict resolution and working through differences, be it with either employees, peers or co-workers…….

  1. Take some time to think and prepare before speaking with the other person – how big an issue is it for you?
  2. Describe the issue or concern to the other person, seking their agreement to work on the issue with you
  3. Listen carefully to the other person and try to identify their interests and goals
  4. Show some empathy and clarify your understanding of what seem to be their needs in the situation
  5. Define the areas of agreement and identify the specific areas of difference
  6. Be willing to negotiate and cooperatively problem-solve to explore whether a win-win outcome can be found

A helpful short YouTube six minute video reinforces these steps. Hope you find it useful  …….

Another video that illustrates very similar steps , placing the steps together in the “CALM” model to help remember the technique. A nice acronym, reminding us to approach the conflict with a composed manner ….

  • Learning To Be More Assertive
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