Personal Development

If you have been engaged in personal development, you will know that it takes commitment and effort to achieve any type of personal change. A great resource site that offers plenty of tips, advice and links is Personal Development   In our search for self-improvement there are three key ingredients that are necessary …

personal development

Personal development requires commitment

  • Robin Sharma offers some personal development ideas

A respected personal development author is Robin Sharma. In this clip he shares some terrific ideas on how we can best support ourselves in our personal development journey. He says success is more easily achieved when we become willing to listen to “the gentle whispers of our heart”.

 He believes that life will send us the lessons we need and that we can learn how to live our lives wisely, so that each day becomes an  extraordinary satisfying  experience.

  • Learning To Become More Assertive

For anyone who is seeking to improve their assertiveness, this short video clip offers six key ideas that may prove useful in learning how you can become more assertive …..


  • Personal Empowerment

A brief reminder in this clip about the need to accept responsibility for how we cope with life’s various  challenges

  • Jack Canfield speaks on choosing a career

For those of you whose personal development journey revolves around finding your niche, then this video clip will be of interest. Jack Canfield, co-author of the popular “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series of books shares some useful tips in this brief clip, on the theme of how to choose a career path that’s right for you, and will give you the fulfillment that you seek.

  • Find A Mentor To Guide Your Career Development

Another brief video (one minute) featuring Jack Canfield offering some great tips on finding a mentor …….Notice the warm, natural and engaging communication style Jack has in the way he shares his message – no wonder he’s so successful, huh!

One of the points Jack makes is that some people tend to overlook in their eagerness for personal growth, the need to ensure that it’s not all one way in the mentoring relationship. Try and offer some value back to your mentor.

Yes, your mentor gain a sense of satisfaction from feeling that you respect their experience and expertise, but also think of other ways you can show appreciation for the guidance they offer. Any healthy relationship will be based upon a balance of “give and take”, through reciprocation.