May peace be with you …. And is it?

Findng your inner-peace

May peace be with you – what a beautiful sentiment. The experience of inner peace is something that many of us search for throughout our lives, particularly in a world that seems so chaotic at times.  A sense of tranquillity and calmness – the feeling of trust and faith that all will be well. And that there is no need for struggle – for all will eventually work out in the end.

Is there a sense of peacefulness within you? ……. Or does there seem to be discord, discontent, anxiety or conflict within, that distances you from feeling any peace with your world?  Are you able to accept who you are and where you are – whilst also accepting the people around you for who they are?

Let’s strip away from this question any potential religious inferences and instead reflect upon what peace means to you in your life ……. And consider how you might be able to experience a more pervasive and deeper feeling of peace – to the benefit of yourself, your family and your community.

When do you feel peaceful?

Perhaps you may be like me …. There are occasions when I feel relaxed and care-free. There are times when I catch a glimpse of what it means to have peace within. These tend to be those times when I’ve stopped rushing and instead have been able to really be “in the moment”, in the here-and-now.

For example, sometimes I’ll go for a brisk walk at a local park, walk around the lake there – and then just go home, because I’ve had my exercise. While I’m walking, my mind will sometimes wander and I find myself thinking about work and the various tasks that I still need to complete and phone calls I still need to make. Or I might think about a recent argument that I’ve had with my wife or one of our teenage kids – telling myself how unfair they have been to me.  Or my mind might even wander to some of the outstandinThink peaceful thoughtsg bills we’ve got lying around on the kitchen table that we still need to pay. ……… I walk around engrossed  in my own world, seemingly totally oblivious to the wonders around me.

Any yet there have been other times when I have walked around that same park …… but I have heard the birds cheerfully singing …… I have smelled the fresh fragrance of the trees and flowers around me. I have stopped and admired the sunshine skimming on the waters of the lake, sparkling like diamonds.

There have been evenings in that same park when I have sat on the park-bench absolutely entranced by the beauty and soft colours of a sunset. I’ve looked out at the calmness of that same lake, taken a deep breath and realised how petty and trivial were some of the troubles that I’d been carrying around with me…….. it seemed then, that my worries would just melt away.

And as I let go of these worries and release these inner burdens  , that’s when I will quite often re-connect with that sense of inner peace and serenity  – and my spirit becomes refreshed.

But here’s the point I’m wanting to make …… The park, the lake, the birds, the trees, the flowers …….. they are always there when I walk. And yet there are times when I seem more able to appreciate this beauty – and other times when I am totally ignorant and oblivious to it.

Peace by controlling chatter of the mind 

So the lesson I’m gradually learning is how to recognise and control some of the internal chatter of the mind. I’m starting with greater awareness during my regular walks in the park – and aiming to transfer this mindfulness to wider parts of my life ……

In doing so, I am slowly becoming more capable of being “in the moment” when I walk – neither worrying nor stressing about the future, nor regretting what I may hapeace withinve done in the past. Ceasing the need to strive for something better – and being satisfied at that moment with where I am and what I have.

Not letting my thoughts wander to times where I believe that others have “wronged me” …… for such feelings of anger can become toxic and will simply pull me further away from any hope of experiencing serenity within

What inspires you and brings you peace?

Once you identify these “bringers” of peace and contentment for yourself, then you can start to allocate more time and space in your life for these precious moments.

Are there particular quotes, poems, prayers or stories that ease the tension  in your mind and uplift your spirit? ……. Are there certain people in your world that make you smile and bring with them a happiness and joyfulness into your day? …..  What are the things in your life for which you feel especially grateful … …….  Perhaps there are particular songs or music that bring peacefulness, offer inspiration and help to soothe your soul? …….

It’s not just you who will benefit

As you begin to feel a deeper sense of peacefulness in your life, so too will come a faith that you have a purpose. Without even trying, you will set an example and provide inspiration to others around you. You will radiate a calmness, an optimism and a natural faith that will help bring out the best in the people that come into contact with you.  Your energy will help wash away some of the despair, doubt and anxiety that many people carry around so closely with them.

They worry about the future and are unsettled by a lack of fulfillment in their lives. Whether this be in peace be with youyour workplace, in your community or in your home – all of your relationships will gradually become a reflection of the peace, contentment and harmony that you are finding within your own life.

And so, in closing let me sincerely say ……… may peace be with you, my friend

About the author ….

Brian Carroll is the founder of Performance Development, a corporate training company in Melbourne, Australia.  He is a qualified psychologist and an experienced  coach with a passion for helping people develop their full capabilities. You can find out more about Brian at his Google + profile

About PerformanceDevelopment

I am a qualified psychologist, and established my corporate training business, Performance Development, more than twenty years ago in Melbourne, Australia. We focus upon Leadership Skills development and helping people to develop the capabilities and confidence they need to get the best out of themselves.
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