Sharpen the Saw : Refresh your leadership

One of the top-selling self-improvement books of the past twenty-five years has been Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.  One of the success habits that he describes is termed “Sharpen the saw”, which refers to the need to find ways of regularly rejuvenating yourself.

For those of you in any type of management or leadership role, you will know that having responsibility for managing and motivating other people can be a rewarding experience – and yet there are times it can be an incredibly frustrating one as well.

Particularly during periods of organisation change and uncertainty, the performance of some staff can become inconsistent. If you are a manager or leader, you need to be able to step in and provide guidance and direction to these people. You are supporting your staff to cope with the change, listening with patience to their grievances and encouraging them to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. This all takes considerable energy – and yet you must continue to ensure that your team is delivering good quality outcomes for your customers.

There are many different types of demands placed upon you when you are in a leadership position. You are required to set a positive example, and you cannot afford a moment of irritability when you might snap at an employee. People are more forgiving of their work-mates than they are their leader

So it becomes even more crucial that you have developed routines and strategies for keeping yourself positive, motivated, resilient and refreshed. leadership

For example …..

  1. Active lifestyle – Ensure you regularly get some physical exercise – be it through walking, jogging, swimming, tennis, dancing or gym. Exercise not only builds physical stamina and fitness, but helps with mental clarity and concentration.
  2. Support network – Don’t become an island …. it’s all too easy during times of stress to end up isolating yourself from other people. You may be in a leadership position in the workplace, but you still need support and encouragement as much as anyone else …..  Don’t be afraid to confide in the people you trust and ask for advice from the people you respect
  3. Learning and development – Keep yourself fresh by learning new skills or polishing existing skills ….Whether its reading a book or an article on leadership, attending professional development seminars or participating in leadership skills training courses – don’t alow yourself to become stale and complacent.  By the way, a great site for tips and resources on self-improvement is Personal Development

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In summary, to provide effective leadership you will need stamina. Therefore it is important that you keep your own well-being on your radar and allocate adequate time on a regular basis for self-renewal. In doing so, you will ensure that you possess the sustainable reserves of energy needed to support and guide your people during times of challenge and uncertainty.

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I am a qualified psychologist, and established my corporate training business, Performance Development, more than twenty years ago in Melbourne, Australia. We focus upon Leadership Skills development and helping people to develop the capabilities and confidence they need to get the best out of themselves.
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