Peak Performance – Be the best you can be

Peak performance is never an accident.

So what are some of the key dynamics for achieving peak performance? If you are seeking insights to help you achieve more in business or to guide you in your own personal development, there is much we can learn from sports psychology and the work that has been done in studying elite athletes and how they perform to their best.

Peak Performance Building Blocks

  1. Vision and desire  : Peak performance typically begins.with a dream, a sense of what is possible, combined with a burning desire to move beyond  “good” and to achieve “great”. This visualisation of “excellence” is so vivid, that peak performers say they feel they’ve lived it before it happens. And the deep desire to perform at the highest level is translated into specific performance goals, with clear milestones and timelines established
  2. Regular measurement : Peak performers are hungry for performance feedback. They can be almost manic about tracking their progress and confirming that improvement is being made. Signs of improvement, no matter how small, become a source of motivation to keep striving, keep pushing, keep learning and keep moving forward.
  3. Coaching and training : Peak performers train hard and they train frequently. They invest the time and the sweat into developing their craft. They will often be supported by a coach or mentor who helps them objectively review and reflect on their performance, and identify the distinctions and refinements that lead to ongoing incremental performance improvement. If you can identify a few “one percent” performance improvement opportunities in technique or execution, their cumulative impact can be enough to give you the edge over your competition
  4. Mental toughness : Peak performers are characterised by a firm and steadfast belief in their own capability. In any field, there will always be times of disappointment, when goals have not quite been achieved, perhaps sometimes because other stuff has happened or we just find ourselves in a slump. Peak performers have the resilience and stamina to persevere. They do not hide, they do not blame when things go wrong – they just seek to learn from any set-back. The mental discipline of peak performers is also evident in the way in which they take control over their thinking. They challenge their internal fears and banish any demons of doubt, replacing them with positive affirmations of belief in their ability to succeed.

Achieving to your highest potential and becoming the best you can be will serve both yourself and will benefit others around you.

In the same way that your role models have inspired you in the past, your discipline, dedication and determination will become a source of inspiration and encouragement to others around you today. So hold your head high at all times, never lose sight of what is possible and recognise that you are probably right now setting an example for others who are watching you and will follow your lead.

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So be the best you can be, and in doing so, you will inspire others and help to bring out the best in them! …….  Thanks for dropping by

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