Make your message memorable

If you’re in any type of leadership position, or in any type of role where you are required to do some public speaking and deliver presentations, then maybe you’ve asked yourself after some meetings whether you’re actually getting your message across to your audience.

Reflecting on whether you can do something better is of course a healthy process. But if you are seeing signs that your messages and ideas aren’t actually gaining traction with people, then you need to change some aspects of either the way  you are structuring or delivering your message.

At the end of the day, if you’re speaking to a group of people (whether it be staff, colleagues, clients or senior management), you’re success is not measured by what you’ve “covered”, it is measured by what those stakeholders actually remember and the subsequent actions they take.

This short cideo clip offers some great presentation tips on how to package your ideas so they have more memorability and influence when you are speaking to a group. See what you think

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