Developing Your Leadership Capability

  • New Manager Tips – Learning to lead

If you have just been appointed to a management role and are feeling some anxiety – then this short clip will reassure you that it is very common to be feeling that way.

Some great tips are offered for new managers, including the importance of getting to know each of your staff and learning about their skills and strengths ….

  • Warren Buffet Speaks on Leadership Qualities

Who better to speak on what it takes to get ahead in business and how to advance your career within an organisation, than one of the world’s most enduringly successful businessman, Warren Buffet. In this brief clip he shares some thoughts on key qualities that set people apart as potential leaders .

  • Seven Qualities of Effective Leaders

Brian Carroll has over twenty years of consulting experience in leadership and management development – in this clip he shares some thoughts on key qualities demonstrated by effective workplace leaders. The leadership qualities he identifies include an ability to listen with an open mind; enthusiasm and energy that inspire others; an ability to assess the capabilities of others and to delegate accordingly.

The company you work for might promote you to a supervisory or management role, and give you a suitable title  – but whether people in the workplace actually respect you and want to do their best work for you is much more about the personal leadership qualities that you display on a day to day basis. 

  • Never underestimate what you can achieve

This short inspiring clip reminds us of the importance of having faith in our abilities. It features Paul Potts who competed in Britains Got Talent – and whose day job was that of a phone salesman, but whose dream was to sing opera. Despite his admission of a lack of confidence, he never gave up on his dream …. See how this somewhat shy and unassuming man “wowed” the audience in his first appearance on stage in front of thousands of people….

About PerformanceDevelopment

I am a qualified psychologist, and established my corporate training business, Performance Development, more than twenty years ago in Melbourne, Australia. We focus upon Leadership Skills development and helping people to develop the capabilities and confidence they need to get the best out of themselves.
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